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Name: Ace
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Canon: Final Fantasy Type-0
Canon Point: Post Alternate ending
World and Background: || FFT0 @ FFWiki || FNC:FF @ FFWiki || Class Zero @ FFWiki || Ace @ FFWiki || Translated Novel Summary ||

”Ace is described as having a cool look. Despite his youthful age, he has a mature speech and attitude.“

In all fairness, Ace’s first appearance (despite ended up rather different compared to his original design) was positively received by the fans, especially fangirls. Random trivia, Ace is described as ‘bishonen’ or ‘pretty boy’ in the novel. One blink of his eyes, and you can bet all your money that everyone would be swooning over his look, although yeah, Ace definitely won’t do that for the sake of IC-ness. Moving on! Ace’s handsome look isn’t the only thing that keep his popularity rising as days passed. No, if any, it is definitely his personality. It’s a little hard to grasp all his personality from the game’s encyclopedia entry with all the kanjis the gigantic lore that the game possess, but luckily, Ace stands out more compared to the others.

Ace is also the leader of Operation Apostles, a high-ranked mission where every members aim to capture the crystal and defeat Milites lead by Cid Aulstyne, and he does a very good job at being one. He’s not the oldest in his class, but his maturity is top-notch, leaving him to be trusted by his friends should they require any help. Of course, Ace never refuses when it comes to his friends and their needs. Aside of that, most of the time, if not all the time, Ace presents himself in a manner that every adults possess. He speaks in a considerable tone, putting one or two sarcasm jokes if necessary, and certainly won’t include any bad words or sort, not until his conversation partner asks for it, at least. Correct, he may acts gentle and well-spoken most of times, but that's not saying that he is not capable of getting angry at someone. When he's angry... Well, skip to the second to last paragraph for that. He's not exactly the type of person you want to anger.

“ He is considered as a calm person, but can reveal himself at times to be reckless and act out of anger.”

Ace, odd it seems, is depicted as the main character of his canon despite how much Machina and Rem takes the spotlight and makes the lore way more interesting. While not as much as his friend Seven, Eight, and King, Ace stays calm most of the time, letting barely little things get in the way of his action. Sure, he isn’t perfect, far from it, but his calmness never betrays him even in the most bizarre situation. Ace’s determination is unearthly amazing as well. In the beginning of the game when Class Zero was a bit late to aid Izana Kunagiri from his biggest misery, Ace, realizing that Machina’s big brother, was probably his only friend outside of his class, shared a noticeable sadness for just a moment before he returns to the task he was assigned for. Ace is strong at heart, but he had his moment. Unarguably, the moment when something happened to someone he holds dear.

Another noticeable moment is when Kurasame Susaya, his teacher make his friends look like little girls in comparison to his badassness when he first introduced himself to them. So you see... There’s this guy called Nine, Class Zero’s resident punk, refusing to accept the blue haired teacher as their new teacher at one occasion, only to get his spikey ass smacked away easily by Kurasame. Ace was clearly not amused by how the event unfolds. No matter how stupid and how brash the other blonde was, Ace was not one to back away when he has a friend in need. So, despite knowing that Kurasame will be assigned as their teacher albeit the whole class’ protests, Ace jumps in to help Nine. In which Kurasame was still able to overpower him with his attack, though. Fortunately, since Ace is pretty observant, he could stop right before his teacher's icy blade ripped him alive.

Later on, his calmness helps him to comfort all his friend in the canon ending.

“Ace is rather reserved toward people outside of Class Zero.”

That line up there is undoubtedly correct. In fact, there is basically none that Ace could consider friend aside of his classmates. As he is pretty studious (Ace's one of the three smartest students from his class, the other two being Queen and Trey) and introverted, he prefers to spend his time alone in the library. Oh well, back to this reserved thingy, there was Izana, yes, but you know what happened after the previous paragraph. Most ironic thing here? Ace symbolizes ‘trust’ compared with Deuce’s ‘kindness’, Trey’s ‘knowledge’, Cater’s ‘bravery’, and so. To say that Ace can trust someone easily is an overstatement. His first meeting with Izana was… weird to put in bluntly, since you can barely find someone that will still think of Chocobos’ adorableness in the first Final Fantasy game that made bloods so terrifically realistic.

Before meeting Izana, Machina, and Rem, Ace was some sort of heartless (if you look at him from some different perspectives). He did not show any fear of dying, nor did any grieving for the dead. In truth, Class Zero was taught all of that nonsense from living full ten years inside of External Bureau, where no one of them could step outside before those ten years. There, they were raised as some sort of bioweapons, where they shouldn’t let their feelings to disturb their mission, they shouldn’t waste any time in doing so, to make things clear. After he met Machina and Rem, though, they slowly change into bunch of people that involves their hearts in enacting a job. Oh, while at it, Ace is somewhat lacking common sense due to the ten-years-locked-in-the-Bureau thingy. His fondness of Chocobo is somewhat disgustingly funny that fans, especially Japanese’s, will abuse this trait of him in hilarious way, pointing him as Chocobosexual. Whenever everyone else spotted him in the Chocobo Stable, they would find Ace there, usually petting the ride-able bird happily. Of course, Ace himself never finds anything weird with that and claims that it’s probably due to his friends have different tastes than him, until Machina joins the fray, though. In the novel it was actually said that Ace’s ambition is to own a Chocobo Ranch; Not as war supplies or tools but he wants Chocobos to be raised as humans' friends.

Ace is also loyal, fiercely loyal, mainly to Arecia, Class Zero’s ‘Mother’. Indeed, categorizing yourself as his friend does take long time… But when you are able to invade his personal barrier, you won’t be able to find anyone else more befitting to take care of your back. He’s even going to jump into volcano if it’s necessary to keep you alive and healthy. Another trivia that I should point out, if Ace isn’t found by himself by the Chocobo Stable or Resouce Center, he’s usually seen accompanied by Deuce or Machina with him, which apparently the two most popular pairings involving himself. A little headcanon here, but I’m going to guess he sticks with Machina for the Chocobo business, and Deuce for her ability to play flute to accompany him singing. Actually, in Deuce’s encyclopedia entry, she admitted that she would love to have Ace accompanying her in her next musical performance. Poor girl, but he won’t actually sing anything else but ‘Zero’, and it was officially said by the developers already.

All in all, Ace is a strong decoy protagonist with well developed characterization, slightly more compared to the rest of his classmates.

Abilities: Ace’s weapon of choice is card, and he’s considered as a jack of all trades on his canon, possibly earning him a class of Red Mage never mind that the whole class are actually Red Mage of some sort as well due to his versatility. With his cards in his hand, Ace is a definition of beast itself. His ability to throw the cards to pierce his enemies like throwing knives, and use 'Deck Open', where he can use sets of cards to destroy his opponents more destructively or even heals himself. Ace is definitely not to be underestimated in the magical department as well while not as proficient as some of his friends (who are pretty excellent). He’s not that much of a tanker, granted, but he has his evasiveness to cover that flaw; where everyone else is sliding or rolling away to dodge an attack, Ace is teleporting like a boss.

Here? Of course it will be limited. His cards probably wouldn't work as effective as how it was on his own world, if not totally not working at all. Doesn't mean that he will stop using them, though, even though he'll probably resort to other weapons at times. His teleport spam will work eventually not work, sooooo Rolling Ace all the way when he's to dodge monster's attack.

Skills: Oh god, this is going to be rather hilarious.

Of all honesty, Ace’s rather… unique when it comes to hobbies and sort. In a world where wars are always just there, Ace had grown into pretty fond of chocobo, and I mean pretty fond. Instead of chatting with other students of his school, he preferred to go to stable and have his own talk with the huge bird. Just like I have explained up there on his personality section, he’s chocobosexual, so sorry ladies and gentlemen :|

About his bravery… Well, it goes without saying that his valor is amazingly astounding, for he was trained as an elite since his childhood. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have anything to fear, though. It is never explicitly stated, but a lot of his dialogue in-game implied how much he treasure his bonds with his classmates, or friends in general. Granted, he is introverted and it will take a lot of time for him to open up to others, but when he does consider you as his friend, he will even jump to the fire for you, maybe. This? Basically means he’s afraid of losing those who’re close to him.

His skill with his words also lives up to his title as the elites’ leader Class Zero. In fact, (at least in the Japanese version) he mostly speak in keigo, preferring to use longer speech than the direct one. Ace know of his place, who to trust and who to not to, what kind of order to obey and what kind of order to not to. Thus, he’ll speak formally to everyone, except those that he’s pretty comfortable with.

Then there’s this thing about how he handles himself in the interaction with animals and other? For the former, well… Again, if we’re to take about his extreme fondness of chocobo, he definitely knows his thing, it was (and probably still is) his dream to build his own chocobo ranch, after all. He’ll definitely treat them with care.

For the latter, I think it’ll mostly go to the ‘Weakness’ part just after this, so read on.

Weaknesses: At first glance, Ace might come out as someone perfect. But you know it, nobody’s perfect, and Ace’s no exception.

His first and foremost weakness is probably his liability to make friends. In the alternate route, where there are no wars and such any longer, Ace’s the only one who’s shown to be spending his time alone in the library, until his friend Machina disturbed him. In comparison to others who are playing band or sports, Ace locks himself up in the resource center and prefers to study for the upcoming test, and he doesn’t really seems to mind. As such, it will require him the longest of time for him to consider anyone here as a friend, especially since he’s stuck in another world altogether. Derp, he’s not good with people in general, despite having skills to do so. His interaction with others will starts with all-business and all.

The second one is most probably his temper. Granted, he’s generally coolheaded and calm, but pulls the right trigger, and it won’t be long before he becomes livid. I think I already explained about this part about him up there on his personality, just Ctrl+F “Kurasame Susaya”. That one full paragraph is probably more than enough for you.

For his fighting skills, especially since it will be limited here, Ace is probably a weaksauce of sort here. He can’t use his cards effectively, he can’t teleport, he can’t use his Open Deck, and he can’t use magics that he had mastered. Do you really need me to say more?

Roleplay Samples

Will be using my old sample, if that's okay.

First Person Sample:

[After the recent speech of Vayne Solidor, saying that Ace is not amused is not pretty wrong. Or actually, scratch that, he’s definitely displeased. A post is necessary for this.]

It seems that man is very clear of his words, yes. However, I personally am suspicious on him, especially on how big the possibility of his action betraying his own, well-spoken speech. [If not him in general.] No, my personal feelings aside, I want an unbiased answer on your opinions about him. How many of you actually nod in agreement even for a mere second at that man’s statement?

Oh, before I end this conversation, I just want to ask another unrelated question should anyone know the answer. [Ace shifts a bit, putting his right hand on his hip.] Where can you get a Chocobo around here? It doesn’t need to be an adult one, a younger one is more than necessary and I require it for a quest assigned to me. [And his hobby, but he’s not going to say it right now.]

Thank you very much in advance.

[The boy nods slightly, and then, there goes the communication.]

Third Person Sample:

Another pair of eyes gazed the young boy’s figure as he walked slowly on the hard concrete of the Muthru Bazaar, before the young man in red robe soon camouflaged his way out of the stare by blurring himself between the crowds. Ace had long acknowledged that walking around with his robe intact would definitely attract the attentions of many, especially when his face was covered with its’ hood, making him resembles some sort of pickpocketting scums. Of course, he was anything but that! He did not feel any shame. If any, Ace, in fact, was taking a great pride in walking around in broad daylight with his robe equipped. It was an entirely new start for Class Zero, or Suzaku in general, to make their acquaintances in this worthless war.

Or in Jack’s dictionary, the epic entrance of Class Zero.

A soft chuckle passed Ace’s lips as he remembered the exact moment the katana-wielder said the words. Ten years of surrounded by the whole cast itself made Ace in a whole new level of satisfaction. Sure, they were trained in some sort of hell, but since they got each other on their back, nothing was scary and everything could be handled. The sun’s lights were not what the group has accustomed to at first, but soon, it was not something that they didn’t want to treasure. The perfect idiom on what was happening right now; rose from the shadows, making their way for the lights.

Speaking of which, he kinda wondered where his friends were stationed. He could guarantee Trey, Seven, King, and Queen won’t be meeting any hardships on their own, while he couldn’t help but worried of the possible bad outcome of the rests; Deuce’s, Cinque’s, and Nine’s, to be more specific. Deuce was pretty naïve and Ace was worried that she might be falling to the empire’s trap easily if she let her kindness got in the way of her mission. Nine was pretty aggressive and Ace could foresee that the bigger blonde might be already getting in a fight right now. And Cinque was… Cinque, random and unpredictable, and that pretty much escalated Ace’s worry in a whole new level.

He shook his head a bit, letting his bizarre worries swam under the thousands of good amount of possibilities that those three would manage to finish this mission without any trouble. In all fairness, it would be a lie if he was going to say that he didn’t prefer to work together with his teammates on this one, but the wheel of fortune had turned, and they were assigned to a different spot on their own. And Ace? He was stationed in the Rabanastre by himself, under the pressure of its’ disgusting atmosphere.

Another thing escaped his lips, this time it was a sigh. No, he should not think any of this like this. He trusted his friends with his deepest trusts. They were no ordinary persons, they were amazing warriors. Ace then continued to make his beeline into a certain end of the bazaar. The door… Yes, the very door that served as a border between the majority of the crowds and the resistance. It was definitely a good place for Ace to start his journey. Uncovering his head from the robe’s hood, the card-wielder then stepped inside without any sign of fear.

He was their leader and he wouldn’t let them down, just as he believed that they wouldn’t let him down.

Anything else? Er... I run out of witty comment, so no.